BodySound Chaise

BodySound Chaise: a technology that facilitates the development of very deep states of relaxation/meditation and spiritual experience with very little if any user effort. The chaise consists of an amplifier and transducers built into a comfortable delivery platform, which uses layered music to induce synchronized sounds, vibrations and electromagnetic fields. This creates profound physical, emotional and mental relaxation in addition to energy healing

“Healing is providing the right conditions for restoring balance.” We all know STRESS is the leading cause of imbalance.

Almost 8 out of 10 people regularly experience physical symptoms of stress and more than 7 out of 10 regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress.

The first goal in a body sound session is to assist the body in an experience of profound relaxation and stress reduction.

The BodySound Chaise provides the stimulus necessary to allow you to reconnect with your body and spirit. Through reconnecting your energy centers, your body and mind are taught more specifically, how deep relaxation really feels.

As a result, relaxation training is a bridge or first step along the path of spiritual development.

As you learn to recreate this state of being, you have more natural access to your true nature, soul, or source energy. We think of this capability of attunement as an embodied spiritual experience. What we know from experience is we are able to recreate this state of spiritual attunement beyond sessions and for longer periods of time in day to day life.

A person’s energy system is the source of life. It is also the direct source of one’s spiritual nature when balanced.

This is technology to “relax your ego and embody your soul.”

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